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W. Humberg GmbH and Co. KG The Process

The process is in accordance with DIN 32510 and the DVS 2101 guidelines.

The principle of the process is based on the following: oxygen (6-12 bar) is added to a tube filled with exothermically reactive material and then ignited using a welding torch. The material in the tube then burns in the oxygen in a similar way to a hollow electrode, developing a temperature of approximately 2,200°C in the process.

The major advantages of using special thermic lances are that, apart from the combustibility of the working material, fast cutting speeds can be achieved and depending on the application, thicknesses of up to 2 metres can be cut. The same is true for single holes. All of our thermic lances are flexible and thus ideal for use in difficult situations.

Independent studies have proven that when using special thermic lances, no emissions – such as nitrogen oxide for example- which are damaging to health, are released by the lances themselves.

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