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Mini thermic lances for thermal cutting

Supplemental to our established product range we offer mini thermic lances which can solve your problems with repairs and disassemblies. These are perfectly appropriate for a precise, quick and noise-reduced thermal cutting of all materials.

Our mini thermic lances stand out due to:

  • Easy handling
  • Quick functionality
  • Diverse applicability

Thermal cutting of screws, nuts, studs and arbors – thanks to our products you will get this done in a quick and uncomplicated way. Further information is provided in our pamphlet. Of course we are looking forward to answering your questions via phone or e-mail.

Mini Thermo Lanze
Spannfutter 63mm
Spannfutter 95mm
Spannhuelse 63mm
Spannhuelse 95mm
Zündschuh mit Kabel