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Using our special thermic lances, not only all metal working materials, such as iron, steel, high-alloyed steel, all types of cast material, non-iron metals, Brennrohreslag, but also mineral materials such as concrete, masonry and stone can be cut. The cutting of multiple-layer working materials (heat exchangers, etc.) also poses absolutely no problems.

Our special thermic lances have been successfully used for more than 25 years in the following fields of application:

Steelworks and foundries

Burning open of tapholes, •Cutting of slag material, either in warm or cold state in furnaces and ladles, Cutting of risers, Removal of metal penetrations on castings, Cutting of overflows in casting pits, Reduction of skulls in cupola melting furnaces, Burning of blasting holes in larger slag heaps.

Demolition and scrapping

Cutting operations for all materials, for example, old machines, presses, boilers, including cladding with fireproof materials or other coatings.

Construction industry

Low-noise and low-vibration cutting of concrete, even with strong reinforcement: In the process the low level of heat conductivity of the concrete means that the grade values are fully retained. Relevant tests have been carried out by the Technical University Braunschweig.

The separation is carried out by burning single bore holes which have to be close to each other so that a perforation cut can be created.

Cutting sheet piles:

by using the special thermic lance the problems normally caused when cutting torches are used, such as higher nozzle wear through rebound, low working speed and ensuing high costs, can be greatly reduced.

Steel construction and repair companies

ole piercing:
Hole piercing is often inevitable when cutting contours in thick sheet metal and can pose problems in material thicknesses over 120mm if a normal cutting torch or normal automatic hole piercing equipment is used. In the same way, mechanical drilling on the cutting bench is not exactly the first choice for the best results. With thermic lances the piercing of holes takes ‘just a second’. To keep sparks and slag flight to a minimum, it is preferable to place a protective cover (approximately 300 x 300 x 300 mm) over the hole to be burnt. Subsequently the cutting torch can once again be used as normal.

Burning out immovable bolts:
Bolzen ausbrennenThe ideal method to remove fixed bolts (from approximately 40mm upwards). The special thermic lance is used in the axial direction to make a hole, the size of which depends on the diameter of the bolt itself. As the metal cools the bolt contracts and can easily be driven out.

Aluminium industry

Aluminiumindustrie Removal of residues from aluminium furnaces (for example aluminium oxides) and cutting of slag clumps and spillways, as well as aluminium blocks (scrap for reuse).

Drop forges

Removal of immovable anvils or anvil wedges:
For this application our special thermic lances are the intelligent solution both because of the lower costs and because of the enormous time-savings in comparison with other methods.

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